Burns Revisited Sheet Music Page 1

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Burns Revisited Volume 4
1. Rob Mossgiel
2. The Mauchline lady
3. Farewell to Ballochmyle
4. Wha is that at my bower door
5. My highland lassie o
6. Scotch bard gone to the West Indies
7. Farewell to Eliza
8. Farewell song to the banks of Ayr
9. Yon wild and mossy mountains
10. Farewell to the Brethren

Burns Revisited Volume 5
1. Rantin' roarin' willie
2. Tam Samson's elegy
3. Masonic song
4. The bonnie moorhen
5. Bonnie Dundee
6. Hey ca thro
7. My lord a-hunting
8. Strathallan's lament
9. To the memory
10. Mc Pherson's farewell

Burns Revisited Volume 6
1. Stay my charmer
2. I love my Jean
3. I hae a wife O' my ain
4. Where braving angry Winter's storms
5. My Peggy's charms
6. A mother's lament
7. O were I on Parnassus Hill
8. How long and dreary is the night
9. Dusty Miller
10. Duncan Davison

Burns Revisited Volume 7
1. Blyth was she
2. The Winter it is past
3. To a blackbird
4. Clarinda mistress of my soul
5. The banks of Devon
6. Theniel Menzies bonnie Mary
7. Lady onlie honest lucky
8. A rosebud by my early walk
9. I'm o'er young to marry
10. Talk of him that's far awa

Burns Revisited Volume 8
1. The lad they ca Jumpin' John
2. The Fete Champetre
3. The day returns
4. Anna thy charms
5. The bonnie lad that's far awa
6. Verses to Clarinda
7. Raving winds around her blowing
8. My Hoggie
9. The bonnie lass of Albany
10. To Daunton me

Burns Revisited Volume 9
1. Up in the morning early
2. To the weavers gin ye go
3. I reign in Jeanie's bosom
4. To Miss Cruickshank
5. The gard'ner wi his paidle
6. Delia, an ode
7. The henpeck'd husband
8. Beware o' Bonnie Ann
9. Robin shure in hairst
10. The Banks of Nith

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