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Burns Revisited Sheet Music Page 2

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Burns Revisited Volume 13
1. Craigie burn
2. Sonet on receiving a favour
3. The blue eyed lassie
4. Prologue spoken at Dumfries
5. Epistle to Dr Blacklock
6. Till Jamie comes hame
7. What can a young lassie do
8. Thou fair Eliza
9. My bonnie Bell
10. My collier laddie

Burns Revisited Volume 14
1. My tocher's the jewel
2. Address to the shade of Thomson
3. You're welcome Willie Stewart
4. Oh for ane an twenty Tam
5. The posie
6. Lovely Polly Stewart
7. A grace after dinner
8. O may thy morn
9. Behold the hour
10. The gallant weaver
11. Nithsdale's welcome hame

Burns Revisited Volume 15
1. My native land sae far awa
2. I do confess thou art sae fair
3. The slave's lament
4. On sensibility
5. Thou gloomy December
6. Behold the hour
7. The weary pund o' tow
8. Cock up your beaver
9. Grace before dinner, extempore
10. When she cam ben

Burns Revisited Volume 10
1. I love my love in secret
2. The fall of the leaf
3. Versicles on signposts
4. The Captains Lady
5. Young Jockie was the blythest lad
6. Jamie come try me
7. On a bank of flowers
8. Sweet Tibbie Dunbar
9. Ode
10. It is na Jean thy bonnie face

Burns Revisited Volume 11
1. Guidwife count the lawin
2. A Waukrife Minnie
3. The five carlins
4. The charms of lovely Davies
5. Whistle o'er the lave o't
6. The laddie's dear sel
7. On the birth of a posthumous child
8. Election ballad for Westerha
9. The banks o' Doon
10. Captain Grose's peregrinations

Burns Revisited Volume 12
1. Bonnie wee thing
2. Highland Harry back again
3. To Mary in heaven
4. The Battle of Sherramuir
5. Eppie Adair
6. Carl an the King come
7. Willie brew'd a peck o' maut
8. Out over the Forth
9. Elegy on the late Miss Burnet
10. Lament of Mary Queen of Scots

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